SKKU Integrated Circuits Laboratory (SKKU IC Lab) was founded in year 2005 at Konkuk University. From march 2012, IC Lab was relocated to SungKyunKwan University and keep on researching about integrated circuits design. Integrated circuits can be divided into two main subfields, which are analog parts and digital parts. IC Lab is focusing on the analog integrated circuits research.

  Main research area is concentrated on Analog IC, RF IC, Power IC, Mixed Signal IC. In SKKU IC Lab, through the intimate cooperation with related industries, members can have lots of hands-on experiences and can write outstanding papers and patents. After graduation, there are lots of opportunities to find a position in major companies or Fabless companies with high technology such as Samsung Electronics or LG Electronics.

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Integrated circuit designing, the power to open the future

Prof. Lee Kang-Yoon of Integrated Circuits Lab at Sungkyunkwan University

Fostering talents in harmony between theory and practice An integrated circuit (IC) is a set of electronic circuits on one small substrate ("chip") of semiconductor material, normally silicon, and it can be divided into analogue IC and digital IC in broad terms. Specialized in analogue IC, Sungkyunkwan University's Integrated Circuit Lab (SKKU IC Lab) has been actively fostering talented students in the field.

The lab consists of 1 research professor, 14 PhD course students, 17 master's course students and 3 researchers of the faculty.
The main research areas of the lab include Analog IC, RF IC, Power IC and Mixed Signal IC.

The leader Prof. Lee said "The harmony between theory and practice is very important in the field. This is because the theory explained on the textbooks alone cannot realize the innovative performance but building practical experience alongside the theory can make it possible. That's why we are closely working in cooperation with related industries covering from designing and production to commercialization."

The main R&D subjects of the lab are as follows; 1) Designing high speed wireless recharging IC for IoT/wearable devices 2) Designing a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) RF transceiver 3) Designing RF transceiver IC for remote Smart Utility Network (SUN) and Underground Safety (UGS) 4) Designing integrated energy harvesting RF IC for IoT/wearable devices 5) Designing high performance, high frequency Phase-Locked Loop for 5G Communication System 6) Research on low power analog IC for processing IoT/wearable sensor signals 7) Research on highly reliable analog IC for processing vehicle sensor signals 8) Designing high resolution data converter ADC/DAC 9) Research on SoC that can integrate both analog and digital ICs in one single chip on the minimal area.
Dreaming of leading a global semi-conductor industry of Korea

Currently, SKKU IC Lab is directing its course of R&D on Power IC and Analog/RF IC alongside a joint-research on Power IC designing with the industry.
Leader Prof. Lee said "It is our part to develop WPC/PMA/A4WP wireless recharging IC, super low electric power BLE transceiver and sensor signal conditioning IC and then our partner company prepares for commercialization of the development. We are also working on turning the analog transceiver to digital and have already applied for an international patent and published a SCI paper. In addition, we are working in cooperation with national research institutes like KETI and ETRI for joint research."

Thanks to his contribution to the semi-conductor industry of Korea and human resource development, Lee received Ministerial Citation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on 8th Semi-conductor Day. He also received numerous prizes including 2016 ICEIC Best Paper Award & Semi-Conductor Symposium Dongbu HiTek Prize, 16th Semi-Conductor Design Contest in 2015 (special prize), SoC Symposium in 2015 (excellent paper), achievement award at Autumn Symposium of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers in 2014 and the best paper award at RF IC Technology Workshop in 2010 and 2012. Prof.

Lee said "It is difficult to build theory and knowhow in a short period of time in the IC designing field. We need passion for innovation and consistency for achieving the goal." He added "The semi-conductor industry will keep advancing and the competitions will be fiercer. But if we, the SKKU IC Lab, stick to our guns and keep making ourself thirst for creative technology, we can surely lead a powerful global semi-conductor industry of Korea."

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