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Application for Co-op Field Trip Program for the 2019 Winter Vacation (~ 12/20 (Fri))
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If you are interested in applying for the 2019 Co-op Field Trip Program (Co-op), please refer to Professor Lee Kang-Yoon Lee (klee@skku.edu) for consultation.

1. Eligibility for Field Practice
   ⋅Students who have completed 2 or more semesters
     (E.g., students can work on the summer vacation during the second semester of 2019-2)
   ⋅Students who cannot graduate may not apply for on-the-job training in the last semester.

2. Field training period
   ⋅ 4 weeks or more (* If less than 4 weeks, credit will not be accepted)

3. Course Registration and Credit Recognition
   ⋅ In case of on-site training during the semester
     ① On-site training course registration (early semester) ⇨ ② On-site training (during semester) ⇨ ③ On-site training
     Credit recognition through assessment (end of semester)
   ⋅ On-the-job training during vacation
     ① On-the-job training and evaluation (during vacation) ⇨ ② On-the-job training course registration (first semester immediately after)
       ⇨ ③ Recognition of field training credits (end of last semester)
     ※ Credit is only granted for the semester immediately after the field trip
         (If students do not register for a leave of absence during the semester immediately after on-the-job training, credit will not be accepted)

4. On-site training procedure guide
  end. Things to do before field trip
   1) Professor in the Lab
   -Submit the “Study Lab Operation Plan” for each semester to the Co-op Committee by e-mail (coop@skku.edu).
   2) Practice students
   -Detailed procedures will be provided to students selected as trainees.

  I. What to do during and after the practice
   1) Professor in the Lab
   -Enter the 'on-site training system (tollgate.skku.edu)' ① go to work, ② complete a comprehensive evaluation table

   2) Practice students
   -Prepare weekly reports and comprehensive reports
  ⋅The trainee enters the 'on-site training system (tollgate.skku.edu)' and writes ① weekly report and ② comprehensive report

5. Inquiries: Yeon-Jung Kim (Co-op Committee) (031-299-4447)

Dec 1, 2019

Advisor Professor Kang-Yoon Lee


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