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Admission for 1st Semester Masters Degree Students and Preliminary Masters Degree Students in 2020
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Please check the instructions below and apply to interested students on time.

<Selection of 1st semester master's degree and pre-master's degree related students in 2020>
1. What is the Master's Degree Program?
  : Graduate school students who wish to enter the master's or master's / master's degree program are exempt from the bachelor's degree evaluation, granting them the opportunity to take graduate courses (shorter postgraduate course length), and passing the graduate's non-credit, Grants such as full scholarships for the last semester.

2. Benefits
(1) Possible to take graduate courses and overlap with undergraduate courses
-Postgraduate courses refer to master's and doctoral courses (courses with a 4th digit number beginning with 5) and team research projects 1 and 2, and the master's and master's courses are not recognized as graduate courses.
-If you wish, you can take up to 6 credits for the master's and graduate courses (9 credits for professional graduate academic research courses) offered by the graduate school in which you wish to enter the course within the final semester of your undergraduate course. Recognition of general course credits, and non-university graduate students who wish to enter the course are recognized as general elective credits for undergraduate courses)
※ Please refer to the attached 'Attachment 1' of the guidelines.
-This credit can be duplicated up to 6 credits after entering the graduate school (up to 9 credits for the professional graduate program).
-In case of graduate students entering the master's program, the above 6 credits (9 credits for professional graduate programs) can be reduced by one semester. Early completion is possible upon completion of required credits, at least 6 semesters are required.
-However, in the case of graduate international language classes in the undergraduate program, the students who meet the international language credit requirement must be recognized only in the undergraduate program, and the graduate international language credit must be acquired after entering the university.
(2) Graduation Graduation Exemption from Bachelor's Course (※ Graduation Graduation from Double Major)
(3) Accepting non-graduate admission to graduate school (no separate application process required)
(4) Final semester scholarship scholarship payment (※ Minimum payment criteria are based on the bachelor scholarship payment regulations)
-Students who are going to enter the 8th semester-> School Semester will receive the full tuition fee according to the credits they applied for.
-However, students who are going to enter over-term semester or early semester cannot receive scholarships.

3. Qualification: Applicants who are going to graduate school for 20th semester (September)
(1) Early Graduation Track: Students who are scheduled to register for the 6th or 7th semester in 2020, can graduate early in August 2020, and have a grade of 3.5 or higher by the 2nd semester of 2019.
※ At the time of application, applicants can apply even if the score is less than 3.5. However, the final grade will be selected only when the grade point average of all grades including 19-2 semester grades is 3.5 or higher.
(2) Regular Graduation Track: Students who will be enrolled in the first or second semester of 2020 and are expected to graduate in August 2020 and have a 3.0 or higher academic record by the second semester of 2019.
※ At the time of application, applicants can apply even if it is less than 3.0. However, the final grade is selected only when the grade point average of all grades including the 19-2 semester grades is 3.0 or higher.

★ 4. Pre-Master's Degree Program
(1) What is a prospective associate student?
-Undergraduate students whose remaining undergraduate program has two semesters are selected for students who want to enter our graduate school immediately after graduation. The tuition fee is provided for two semesters, and the student is automatically converted to a master's degree program for the next semester.
(2) Eligibility: Students who have two remaining undergraduate courses (including early science) except the application semester have an average grade point average of 3.00 (except F) for the 2019-2 semester, and enter graduate school in March 2021. Upcoming party
(3) Application period and method: It is the same as the application period and method of the Master of Academic Affairs Program in 5. The application form must be checked by checking "Yes" in the "Preliminary Academic Academic Program Student" on the application screen.
(4) Details of applicants: Full support for tuition fees for the 2020-1 semester (However, scholarships cannot be paid more than the tuition fee.)
(5) Conversion to a master's degree student: If a student selected as a prospective master's degree student maintains an average grade point average of 3.00 (except F) for all 2020-1 semesters, he / she will be automatically transferred to the master's degree program of the 2020-2 semester. Converted to grant the benefit of 2.
(6) Others: See Article 17 of the Guidance.

5. Application procedures (both master's degree and pre-master's degree are common)
(1) Application period: 2019.12. 2. (Mon) ~ 12.13. (Fri)
※ Please apply only within the application period.
(2) How to apply: Use the application method through GLS (you cannot submit the application directly)
※ GLS> Application / Quality Management> Application
※ Please refer to the 'Application Manual' attached to this post for the detailed application method.
(3) Submitting documents: No direct submission (GLS application)
※ You must press the “Submit” button after saving your application
(4) Announcement of Selection Results: 2020. Mid-January (Individual confirmation through “Selection Results” column of GLS application menu)

* Inquiry: Graduate Team (02-740-1724)


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