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Guidance on the Scholarship for the Professor of Teaching the Ph.D. Program (Prof. Scholarship for Ph.D. Course)
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In addition to the scholarships provided by the school, SKKU IC Lab Ph.D. students apply for the following scholarships, so interested students can confirm the scholarships after consultation.

- In addition to the SKKU scholarship and lab scholarship provided by the school, IC Lab Ph.D. students are required to do so.
We will provide full tuition for admission to the school through the "Prof. Scholarship" program, and will provide additional funds equivalent to the "BK21" scholarship in addition to the "BK21" + "Task Labor Costs."

Contact Professor Lee Kang-yoon (klee@skku.edu, 031-299-4954) to discuss details and confirm selection.

21-Jul, 2019
SKKU IC Lab Integrated Circuit Laboratory
Professor Kang Yoon Lee


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